R V Cooling Tower

Splash Fill

Splash Fill

Splash Fill dispatched by us in the markets is made using high quality raw materials. High strength, low power consumption, durability and longer working life characterize the range of Splash Fill that we manufacture. We specialize in providing them in small or bulk quantities as per the requirements of the clients. Splash Fill is obtainable at market leading rates.

  • High efficiency to handle large quantities of water and also overall efficiency of tower
  • Susceptible to accumulated deposits and ideal for effective water cooling
  • Uniform thickness
  • Continuous forming and higher surface area
  • Folded edges at the top and
  • Resistance to erosion and mechanical damage
  • Aeration is done through natural draft
  • Longer retention time
  • Minimum blocking

Availables in:

  • Triangular Bars
  • Perforated Slats
  • Polypropylene Slats
  • V-Bars
  • Rectangular Slats


  • Cooling tower industry