R V Cooling Tower

PVC Fill

PVC Fill

We provide PVC Fill is high on demand in the national and international markets. PVC Fill is fabricated using highly advanced technology thus ensuring its supreme quality and durability. Manufactured in accordance with international quality standards, PVC Fill dispatched by us is the best available in the markets. Consequently, we are looked upon as one of the most reliable PVC Fill Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers based in India.

Salient Features

  • Continous Forming.
  • Double Edge Folding.
  • Uniform Thickness.
  • Available in sheet width of 300mm


  • Uniform Thickness : Uniform thickness provides long retention time & also provides uniform time for heat transfer.
  • Continous Forming : Continous forming process is adopted by us where one end of fill is always free & material supply from other end is always available during the time of formation. Additional requirement of raw material is met hence no thinning effect takes place at crests & troughs.
  • Double Edge Folding : RV COOLING PRODUCTS manufacturing technique has the ability to fold the edges of the sheets providing stronger edges, which gives extra protection against rough handling during installation & maintenance. It also protects the fill from erosion.
  • Longer Length : One major advantage of longer length is that, it allows the water to be inside the fill media for maximum time. It also facilitates to decrease the number of support beam thus inturn reduces the pressure drop & also reduces the cost of construction.