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Drift Eliminator

Drift eliminators are used to capture water droplets in the air stream that otherwise would be lost to the atmosphere. Entrapping these droplets is important for not only conserving water as a resource but also to prevent cooling tower water from contaminating the area peripheral to the cooling tower.

The cooling tower industry uses drift rate to compare drift eliminator performance, a relationship that correlates droplet capture efficiency to the water circulation rate in a tower.

R.V Cooling’s drift eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in both cross flow and counter flow tower applications with various product options available to minimize pressure drop, drift loss, cost, or a combination of all three.

Our Product Range

Water droplets are separated from the air drift at the three direction change points on the drift eliminator. The CD-S130/146 drift eliminators provide a rugged cellular structure formed by the solvent bonding of sinusoidal shaped corrugated sheets. Individual S-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layers to create the structure. The entire area is thus divided into several smaller S-shaped mini zones.

Features and Advantages

  • The modules are provided additional strength by the insertion of stiffener sheets at regular intervals.
  • Cellular type drift eliminators offer the highest drift elimination efficiency while introducing a lower static pressure drop
  • The eliminators can be assembled as well as cut at the field installation to ensure tight fit.

Technical Data Sheet

MaterialRigid PVC
Maximum Face Velocity4.5 m/sec
Module LengthCan be chosen in 600-mm increments.
Max suggested length – 1800-mm
Module Depth130 / 146 mm
Pitch20 mm
Maximum Spacing of Support with
standard thickness of sheets
800 mm
Directional changes for air flow3
Standard Thickness (Corrugated/Plain)0.3mm/0.4mm
Average Weight7.6 / 8.5 kgs/m2
Expected Drift Loss< 0.001% / 0.0005% of circulating water
Maximum Continuous Temperature (deg Celsius)55°C

Drift Eliminator products




Type Of Structure



Maximum Face Velocity

4.5 m/sec

4.5 m/sec

Module Length

Can be chosen
in 600-mm increments

Can be chosen
in 600-mm increments

Module Width

Can be chosen
in 600-mm increments

Can be chosen
in 600-mm increments

Distance Between Profiles



Recommended spacing between supports



Average Weight

7.6 kg/m2

8.5 kgs/m2

Surface area per unit volume



Drift loss limit